The Crimson Rooms

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Evelyn Gifford is a young lawyer, one of the first to qualify in 1924.   She faces challenge on all sides.  She lives in a household of women frozen in grief for the loss of a beloved son – the boy who should have taken over his father’s law firm.  Her mother is deeply opposed to Evelyn’s desire to work, especially in a field as grimy as the law.  Professionally she is mistrusted and derided as a woman in a man’s field.

But Evelyn is able to turn her difference to her advantage.  By applying her unique skills to a number of seemingly hopeless cases she is able to represent a woman in danger of losing her child and she helps to solve a case of murder.  In fact, she is redeemed by work, which gives her identity and a place in the world.

‘A fantastic read, moving, gripping, absorbing and thrillingly sexy… a skilful, highly atmospheric drama of guilt, passionand consequences… the kind of book you never want to end.’  - Daily Mail

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